Who was Janus

Protector of Rome

In ancient Roman tradition Janus was the keeper of gates and doors, and this association with security is one reason we chose the name for our company. The month of January is named after him. He was depicted with two faces, backward- and forward-looking.

As the first king of Latium, Janus ushered in a Golden Age of peace and welfare, of laws and money, and of agriculture. After his death he became the protector of Rome.

When Romolus and his associates stole the Sabine Virgins, the Sabines attacked the city. The ancient Romans believed that Janus made a hot spring erupt from the ground that drove the attackers from the city.

Over the ages, Janus has been remembered on many Roman coins, with the distinctive two heads facing in opposite directions.

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Original source – “Janus” Encyclopedia Mythica



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